Smart Fabric Inks Ltd

Smart Fabric Technology,
Southampton, United Kingdom.

Smart Fabric Inks is a UK based SME founded in 2011 as a spin-out from the University of Southampton. We specialize in ink development for printing electronics directly onto fabrics and have over 30 standards in formulations within our range along with the ability to tailor each these to specific applications and textiles. We have developed novel inks for printing electronic devices directly on textiles/fabrics. The printed electronics devices are flexible unobtrusive and easy-to-use. Examples include light emitting textiles for fashion/home/automotive applications, a fabric heater, and electrodes for health monitoring and rehabilitation (e.g. muscle movement detection and stimulation, heart rate and emotion (happy/sad) sensing).

Professor Stephen P Beeby is a co-founder and Director of Smart Fabric Inks Ltd. Smart Fabric Inks has unique access to the wide-ranging relevant facilities at the University of Southampton. Specifically relevant is the Printed Electronics and Materials laboratory. Our role in the e-Prot is to explore the implementation of conductive e-Ps in printable circuits and supercapacitors. Demonstrate device fabrication and characterize performance in WP4 (WP4 leader).

Contact Person

The research team

Dr. Stephen Beeby

Co-founder and Director

Dr Kai Yang