Specific Polymers

Polymer Additives & Pigments Materials,
Castries, France.

Specific Polymers, is a SME Design office acting as R&D service provider and scale-up producer in the field of functional monomers, polymers and materials with high specificity. The company has been created to meet the need of R&D departments of international industrial groups in terms of specifically designed monomers, polymers and materials. The main goal of the innovative products developed by SP is, in close collaboration with the customers, to validate proofs of concepts. In more than 17 years, SPECIFIC POLYMERS developed the synthesis of more than 10, 000 functional building blocks, monomers and polymers and is now working with more than 500 customers and partners in more than 50 countries worldwide. Innovative Products developed by SP are used for a very wide range of applications such as functional surface coatings (glass, metal, metal oxides, nanoparticles, plastics), construction industry, aeronautic, automotive (paint, tyres, sealant, gaskets), pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, optoelectronic, optic, water treatment, metal extraction, energy (fuel cells, solar cells or lithium batteries). 

For more than 10 years, SP has been dedicating a significant part of its research effort in the field of energy by developing innovative monomers and polymers for Lithium batteries and Fuel cells. ‘Polymer & Energy’ is one of the 4 most important research area within the company.

Dr. Cédric LOUBAT, CEO & company founder is currently the manager of a team of 20 researchers who are developing innovative materials for a very wide range of application in which polymers are present. C. Loubat will bring his expertise and will actively take part in the development of the innovative solutions in all the aspect of the project. He is the legal representative of SP in the project. His involvement with customers from highly different areas (biology, aeronautic, energy, cosmetic…) brings cross-fertilization of ideas that lead to breakthrough innovation and the ability to always propose new concepts to SP customers.

Our role in the e-Prot project is to be involved in WP1, providing chemical analysis of the proteins. Most of the work will be carried out in WP3 through the development of self-standing protein-based films for both targeted applications (WP3 leader).

Contact Person

The research team

Marion Combre

Innovation funding manager

Dr Antoine Suty

Research engineer

Dr Agathe Bouvet-Marchand

Formulation Manager