Universidad de Alicante

Department of Applied Physics,
Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, Spain.

The University of Alicante (UA) is proportionally one of the fastest growing universities in Spain. Thus, the UA employs 3.862 researchers and management staff (46%women), which involves an annual budget of 200 million Euros. Currently, UA is investing near to 39M Euros for boosting frontier research and technology transfer processes via spin off, licensing and international promotion mainly.

Our department, Applied Physics (DFA), hosts a growing vibrant and interdisciplinary research community which concentrates 17% of the EU research projects at UA. The department has a well-established tradition in condensed matter and materials science research, which is mainly devoted to the study of different fundamental aspects of electronic transport phenomena, magnetism and optics. The research of Prof. Reyes Calvo revolves around the electronic and magnetic properties of metals and semiconducting materials.

Our role in the e-Prot project is to screen electron conduction hits and reveal fundamental conduction mechanisms at the molecular, single wire, and thin film level in WP2 (Co-leader with UA).

Contact Person

The research team

Dra Reyes Calvo

Principal Investigator

Juan David Cortes

Predoctoral researcher

Lisa Almonte

Postdoctoral Researcher

Carlos Sabater

Scientific Colaborator