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e-Prot brings together highly skilled partners from 6 University and 2 SMEs from 5 different countries: Spain, Portugal, UK, Israel and France. Their unique expertise contribute towards the e-Prot's main goal to develop a green, sustainable platform technology as alternative to traditional electronic systems, which is in line with the European Green Deal road map. 

Prof. Aitziber L. Cortajarena

Project Coordinator, BIOMA

Prof. Eugenio Vazquez

Partner, CIQUS

Dr. Maica Morant-Miñana

Partner, Energi

Dr. Manuel Melle Franco

Partner, CICECO

Prof. Nurit Ashkenasy

Partner, BGU

Dr. Reyes Calvo Urbina

Partner, UA

Dr. Stephen Beeby

Partner, SFabric

Dr. Alain Graillot

Partner, SPolymers

Dr. Kai Yang

Collaborator, SFabric

Dr. Agathe Bouvet Marchand

Partner, SPolymers

Dr. Carlos Sabater Piqueres

Collaborator, UA

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