Work Plan

Overall, 5 work packages (WPs) will work together to ensure the success of the project.


Project work plan

e-Prot project has a duration of 48 months and to achieve its objectives, the project is divided into 5 work packages (WPs) that will support an effective and efficient realization of the project objectives and enable a simple risk management.

WP1 BIOMA/CiQUS/CICECO will design/fabricate protein-based conductive systems with feedback from WP2 for re-design and optimization. WP2 combines the expertise of UA, BGU, ENERGI, and CICECO undertaking experimental and computational characterization of the fundamental electronic and ionic conductive properties. The best conduction approaches identified in WP1/WP2 will then be implemented in real applications to generate conductive inks and supercapacitors for wearable bioelectronics by ENERGI, SPol, and SFabric (WP3/WP4). WP5 is devoted to project management, dissemination, exploitation, and communication.

eProt project respective WPs and their interconnections.